Enterprise Rails

Dear reader,

To help spread the word, I am posting the full text of Enterprise Rails online. I hope the examples in this book help you to write better code and build a successful enterprise-scale web application. If you think Enterprise Rails would be useful to have on your bookshelf, use the link to the right to get a hardcopy.


Dan Chak

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. The Big Picture
  3. Organizing with Plugins
  4. Organizing with Modules
  5. Database As a Fortress
  6. Building a Solid Data Model
  7. Refactoring to Third Normal Form
  8. Domain Data
  9. Composite Keys and Domain Key/Normal Form
  10. Guaranteeing Complex Relationships with Triggers
  11. Multiple Table Inheritance
  12. View-Backed Models
  13. Materialized Views
  14. SOA Primer
  15. SOA Considerations
  16. An XML-RPC Service
  17. Refactoring to Services
  18. REST Primer
  19. A RESTful Web Service
  20. Caching End to End

All book text is copyright © Dan Chak.